Texting While Driving (Speech)

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Good morning everyone, today we call our world as busy world or multitasks world and with the rush-rush-rush mentality most people have these days; it's no surprise that more and more people are driving while distracted. Eating, talking or texting on a mobile phone, making adjustments to the radio, talking with passengers -- all take a driver's focus off of the road.

Imagine this, it's a beautiful day for a drive, the sun is out, windows rolled down, the music in on softly, just a perfect day. Then you look down at your cell-phone, just briefly, quick enough to remove your eyes from the road, then you BAM you made an accident!!

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And that’s the problem, all of us feel capable as we think we are especially when it comes to multi tasking well with two attention demanding tasks.
Yes some people are able to text without looking at their phones, and they might think it is safe. The truth of the matter is, it’s safe and it does affect on our driving. We think you can pay attention to both your driving and your messages, but actually it’s difficult. . Just because someone’s eyes aren’t on the phone doesn’t mean their focus isn’t. There is a saying that goes, “Just because your hear me, doesn’t mean you’re listening to me.” This can be said about sight as well. Just because someone is looking at the road, doesn’t mean they are paying attention to what’s going on. That is exactly how it is with texting. A person’s eyes might be on the road, but their focus is on what they are saying in that message. While they are trying to make sure they hit the right key on their phone which they are not looking at...
Texting and driving is killing people all over the world, it’s something that just doesn’t affect the person that is texting and driving but everyone that is around that person texting while driving. It affects the passengers who are going to be with the driver in the same car. The drivers who are texting cannot see that the car in front of them has braked, they may not see that the light has changed or even end up running a red light which causes accidents with other cars once their stop lights changed to green, and they might not even notice someone crossing the street. And the worst part is, it affects your family, where they may lose you because simply you were texting and did not pay attention and had an accident.

Since the number of accidents has increased due to of texting while driving, which considered as very serious problem, immediate actions are requires stopping this phenomenon. Here are some solutions that it might help to stop texting and using cell phones while driving and saves thousands lives.
Before listing those solutions we have to remember we should keep...

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