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The Alien And Sedition Acts Of 1978

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The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1978


The alien and sedition acts of 1978 outlawed any person from writing or assisting other persons in writing false or malicious information about the government of the United States. There were three justifications for this law. First, it was passed because writing, assisting persons to write and publish malicious information could defame the government and thereby harm its reputation. Most specifically, such writings and publications ...view middle of the document...


The Virginia Resolution opposed the enactment of the alien and sedition acts. The alien act received opposition because it was enacted unlawfully. In other words, the federal government had contravened its powers. The federal government enacted laws that were beyond its mandate. Moreover, passing the alien act joined the three arms of the government namely the legislature, the executive and the judiciary thereby sabotaging the ideologies of a free government. Enacting the alien act also undermined the freedom of organizations and further violated the constitution. The Virginia Resolution also chastised the sedition act because it prevented individuals and organization from scrutinizing holders of public offices. Enacting this law prevented the examination of individuals and organization violating the rights of people of the United States.


The freedom of the press deserves respect because the press acts as the watchdogs and the voice of the weak. However, restraint should be exercised upon the press when the country is at war with other countries to avoid situations that may jeopardize the secrets of a nation.

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