The Analysis Of Lipids Determination Of Fat By Soxhlet Extraction

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Food Chemistry Laboratory report

The analysis of Lipids Determination of fat by Soxhlet Extraction and Determination of fat content in milk by Gerber method

Lipids are molecular organic compounds, composed largely of carbon, oxygen and hydrogen and are essential for cell growth. Lipids are non-soluble in water and combine with carbohydrates and proteins to form the majority of all plant and animal cells. Lipids are transported through the body attached to protein and are an important element of food.
Lipids are the third major micronutrient required for the body after carbohydrates and protein. Lipids are also a medical term for ‘fat’ and though all fats are lipids, ...view middle of the document...

Fat determination is one of the key analyses used for food labeling and quality control so the results of the lab experiments are very important. Manufacturers have a legal obligation to show accurate nutritional information on their products. Consumers are today extremely health conscious and are concerned with over-consumption of certain lipid components that can be damaging to their health, e.g. cholesterol and saturated fats. Consumers rely on food manufacturers that are currently developing low fat foods to indicate true fat content of their products on the wrapping to identify and show the nutritional information. (, 17/2/2011)

This food chemistry report will look at the analysis of lipids to include the determination of fat content in 3g of sausage meat. The analysis will be carried out by Soxhlet Extraction. This report will also cover the determination of fat content in milk. This analysis will be carried out using the Gerber method.
Test 1 the determination of fat content in 3g of sausage meat was carried out using Soxhlet Extraction. Test 2 the determination of fat content in milk was carried out using the Gerber Method. Methods carried out for both experiments are given on P7-12n in (BSc (Hons) Food Science Laboratory Manual. Dr A Calvert (2011). BSc (Hons) Food Science Lab Manuel. Loughry Campus: Dr A Calvert. P7-12)

Table 1: Table indicating % of free fat in meat

Weight of Initial Sample (g) M0 | 2.9808g |
Weight of Flask before extraction (g) M1 | 83.0703g |
Weight of Flask after extraction (g) M2 | 83.6595g |
% free fat in the sample | 19.77 % |

Table 2: Table showing calculation to determine % of free fat in meat
M2– M1 X 100 M0 19.77% Free fat in Sausage |

Table 3: Table showing results of fat content in Milk

| Sample A |
1ST Reading | 3.4 % |

In order to determine the free fat percentage in the sausage meat an apparatus called the Soxhlet Extraction was used to extract the lipids from the sausage meat. The result for the free fat in sausage meat was 19.77%. The class average for the sausage meat was 19.75%. High similarity between the results shows that the experiment went according to plan. A high result would have suggested that there was an error made during the experiment such as the dish not spending long enough drying in the oven. A low result would have suggested that some of the dried food had been lost during the experiment through personal error.
The fat content found in milk using the Gerber method was 3.4% fat. Milk contains approximately 3.4% fat so this result was accurate. (, 21/2/2011)
An accurate result is essential when testing fat in milk for e.g. a cheese manufacturer, as the greater the amount of fat and protein in milk the greater the yield of cheese, and milk with a high...

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