The Animal Essay

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Professor Ryan Allen
English 102- 01
10 December 2008

Artist Statement
English 102 has been a difficult but helpful experience. I slowly progressed and became a better writer during the course of this semester. I think you are very capable of teaching graduate students due to how you dissect papers and tell each student what he/she needs to improve. This was a very helpful tool to me in ...view middle of the document...

Through the process of this class I had no idea what to expect. I started to see more and more what a college level English class was about and had to adapt. This class has made me not only a better writer but a better revision student. I was not sure of how to fully review a paper the way I have learned how to while taking your English 102 course. I learned how to give great opening sentences to paragraphs as well as a conclusion. This was difficult due to having to travel and do top notch papers while on an air plane each week.
My perspective of this class would be very helpful as well as knowing the students who struggle on papers like myself you took extra time out to help me and offered advice. This is signs of being a great teacher which falls back to when I was saying you have the right attitude and work ethic of being a teacher who is fortunate to
teach graduate students if you’re not already at that level. In my final thoughts I would like to say thanks so much for understanding and working with me on developing a good paper. This has been a struggle that you have helped me through. Thanks once again.

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