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The Benefits Of Twisted Pair Cable

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The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
July 28, 2012

The Benefits of Twisted Pair Cable
The current network model that is being used by your company today is the peer to peer model. This model is an ideal selection for a company or organization when there are very few computers. Since your organization currently has 20 Windows peer to peer client computers I would like for you to consider moving towards the client server network modelOnce a peer-to-peer network grows beyond 10 computers, it will likely begin to suffer from performance and from administrative problems (Posey, 2000)
In the client server network model network hosts have specific roles which are ...view middle of the document...

Currently each employee is responsible for controlling access to the resources that reside on their very own workstation.
As I’m considering the future growth of the forty workstations in the client server model using the star topology will make it easy to transition in the new computers over the next two years. In the star topology every node of the network is connected through a central device such as a hub, router or a switch. As additional workstations are required it will be simple to connect the workstation to one of the switch ports. Star topologies are usually built with twisted pair or fiber-optic cabling (Dean, 2010).
Twisted cable pairs are much easier to install and less costly in comparison to the coax wires. Twisted pair cable is relatively inexpensive, flexible, and easy to install, and it can span a significant distance before requiring a repeater (Dean, 2010). I’ve noticed that the previous installer used coax wiring structure and that individual must have faced some difficulty installing this system. Coax wiring is very hard to install due the size of the wires and is much more costly than twisted pair cable. There is a significance difference in the price between the two cables, three feet of coaxial cable...

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