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The Best Fundraiser Idea Essay

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I think it is imperative to become innovative and creative with new ways to attract donors for organization fundraising. Using the Halloween season is the best reason to give after Christmas (Waters, 2012). In the media, zombie popularity has surged. With The Walking Dead being the most top rated show in the country, there seems to be zombies everywhere. The zombie fad is displayed in books, movies, games, music, and even in the streets-zombie walks. Lately, nonprofit organizations ...view middle of the document...

Especially during autumn and Halloween season, a zombie event is appropriate. A great example of how an organization has tied the zombie theme into their organization is the slogan, “Feed the Hungry”. America’s Second Harvest of Coastal Georgia located in Savannah is a volunteer-driven nonprofit food bank. They serve twenty one counties in Georgia with the mission of feeding hungry people and supporting communities. On November 10, their organization will hold their 5th Zombie Walk on River Street. Donors will dress up themselves, their children, and pets for FREE with a donation of canned goods. There is free makeup, entertainment, games, and vendors ("Savannah zombie walk ," 2011). This is great idea to me because it is a wonderful family/friend idea to do together and gives back a fun opportunity to donors.
Another appropriate time for a blood drive is Halloween. No explanation for blood or gore needed. Another idea that has been created is kids ditching the candy and collecting cans alone (Waters, 2012). Halloween is a time for everyone! Kids, adults, and even pets enjoy the spooky season!

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