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The Bill of Rights
According to Lewis (35), the US Bill of Rights constitutes the first ten amendments of the US constitution that prohibit the powers of the federal government. Written by James Madison, the Bill of Rights seeks to offer constitutional protection for the personal freedom and liberty of the US citizens. In addition to these personal freedoms, the Bill of Rights limits governmental powers in controlling judicial proceedings, with a reserve of specific powers to the public and individual states. Therefore, the Bill of Rights presents the US citizens with freedoms that were demystified in the principal Constitution, and ...view middle of the document...

Conversely, it is notable that provisions of the Bill of Rights to the states are mainly addressed in the tenth amendment. According to the tenth amendment, any power that the US Constitution does not grant to the federal government, are a reservation of the states or the Citizens (Alderman and Caroline 102). This amendment serves to allow every state to have its own laws regarding taxes, police powers, and regulations on wage and hour laws. Hence, it is in order to assert that the provisions of the Bill of Rights about individuals limit the powers of the national federal government more than the provisions about the states.
The provisions of the Bill of Rights about individuals require neutrality of the government on all issues regarding the law (Hunter 42). It appears more like the people have the supreme power of deciding on what the government should or should not do. Considering the first amendment, for instance, the individuals have the right to assemble and speak freely, no matter what they are saying, since the Bill of Rights allows so. The federal government is, thus, susceptible to both legitimate and unlawful criticism from the people, as the Bill of Rights limits its powers to avert such situations. The fact that the second amendment permits individuals to own guns makes it hard to determine who is a criminal or who is an innocent civilian (Alderman and Kennedy 107). However, the provision of the Bills of Rights to the states has does not largely limit the powers of the federal government. Under these provisions, the national government still practices the powers that the US Constitution grants it.
It is proportionate to affirm that the sixth amendment of the Bill of Rights is the most crucial amendment that requires preservation. As D’aguiar (118) explains, the sixth amendment warrants an individual, the right to criminal defendants. It holds that an accused person has the right to a lawyer, should know who has accused him or her, and should have a public trial devoid of any redundant delays. It continues to state categorically that an accused individual should have a trial in the presence of a neutral jury, and that the accusations against him or her should be precisely and timely outlined (D’aguiar 125).
This law is vital and is worth preserving due to many cases of injustices that accused individuals...

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