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The Case Study (Coleen Colombo And Colleagues Resist Mortgage Fraud, Page 250)

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David Rutherford
MGMT 362

The competency test actually opened my eyes concerning my behaviors. I will speak on my
highest score 96 for ethics, and my lowest score 73 for communication. We often read about
scams and dishonesty, it’s sad that individuals behave this way. No longer is a man’s word
enough, and it’s hard to trust what some people say sometimes. I work in the sales business and
I retain and get new customers ...view middle of the document...

If they are
happy they come back, and they bring new customers with them. It’s important to have strong
ethics in every aspect of life people not only trust you, they can bond with you and that builds
strong relationships.

I scored a 73 in communication, I struggle with repeating myself. I notice sometimes
when I am speaking with someone who might not understand English well I get frustrated. I
have done better since working in retail. I understand the importance of communicating exactly
what’s on my mind. I am brutally honest in expressing how I feel, I am learning how to tone
down how I feel when communicating. Communication is extremely important, and it’s
something that we all continue to evolve in as individuals. The assessment again made me
take a good look at myself. We sometimes don’t look hard enough at areas we need
improvement in.

My other categories I scored 80’s or higher, of course I can improve in other areas
as well. For example change, I don’t mind change, I understand that change can bring growth.
I like gradual change, where I can ease into a transition.

My scores
Self Competency- 82
Communication Competency- 73
Diversity Competency-83
Ethics Cmpetency-96
Across Competency- 78
Teams Competency- 86
Change Competency- 80

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