The Cold Ar And Us Deplomacy

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The Cold War and the United States Diplomacy



The Cold War and the United States Diplomacy
The Cold War was the state of military and political tension between Western countries, especially the United States, its NATO allies, and the communist nations, particularly the Soviet Union and other satellite states. The war began after World War II had got to an end.
The Cold War was named so since it did not feature any form of military action. The countries in this war possessed nuclear weapons and any form of war would have led to serious destructions on both divides. The relative calm between these countries was sometimes followed by high ...view middle of the document...

Some of the actions of Ronald Reagan under the Reagan Doctrine included anti-regime propaganda campaigns, training and funding of insurgency groups, and other activities that involved the direct involvement of the U.S. government. This policy was in line with the U.S. foreign policy of proposing foreign solutions to challenges facing the world (Smith, 2012).
Situation That Required U.S. Diplomatic Efforts during the President’s Time in Office
The influence of the Soviet Union to various countries in the world, commonly referred to as Satellite countries, led to the United States administering diplomatic efforts. Some of the countries that the Soviet Union had influence on included Poland, Hungary, Cuba, Bulgaria, Mongolia, Vietnam, Czechoslovakia, Romania, East Germany, North Korea, Angola and Albania (Surhone, Timpledon, & Marseken, 2010). During this time, the countries were said to be moving along the road of development of the socialists.
One of the greatest influences of the Soviet Union to these countries was the supply of military weapons. The union would convince the countries that there was a need to always have some military arms to protect themselves from any external aggression. In addition, the Soviet Union also provided financial aid to some of these countries. Some of the major beneficiaries of the financial aid included Cuba, Bulgaria, and Vietnam. In response, these countries showed their full support to the Soviet Union. The United States saw these activities as a means of turning countries away from them, and thus had to act (Surhone, Timpledon, & Marseken, 2010).

The Diplomatic Doctrine the President Followed, With Reference To Specific Actions or Events That Occurred
As discussed above, the doctrine that was used during the Cold War was referred to as the Reagan Doctrine, instituted by the president of the time, Ronald Reagan. The doctrine was announced on 6th February 1985. In his address to the nation, Reagan stated that democracy was not a privilege of the chosen few, but a right for everyone. He stated that every nation should stand up and defy the aggression instituted by the Soviet Union and secure each and every person’s right given to him at birth.
The Reagan doctrine started in Afghanistan. The U.S. starting giving minor military assistance to troops opposed to the Soviet Union in an effort to drive the Soviets from Afghanistan. Through the CIA, the United States increased its support to Mujahideen, an individual opposed to the Soviet Rule. The U.S. also mobilized China, Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to oppose the Soviet rule.
The doctrine was also spread to Nicaragua where Reagan sought to end the Soviet rule in the country. In 1985, Reagan held that providing support to the contras in Nicaragua would help reduce the influence of the Soviet Union in the country. Therefore, he sought to supply financial and food aid to these rebel groups in an effort to improve their strength. These efforts,...

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