The Complexities Of Communication Essay

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The Complexities of Communication
GM 591 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

* Introduction

DeVry Inc. / DeVry University are a publicly traded company, whose main headquarters is located in Downer Grove, Illinois. However, DeVry’s history goes back well over eighty years. The very first school was named DeForest Training School found in 1931 by Dr. Herman DeVry. The name the name of the school remained DeForest Training School until 1953 when the name changed again to DeVry Technical Institute. In 1955 and 1966 DeVry offer their first associate degree program and gained the Bell and Howell Education Group, by 1968 through 1974 DeVry Technical Institute had become DeVry ...view middle of the document...

As stated by Daniel Hamburger DeVry Incorporated CEO “do not just present a problem that is too easy also offer a good solution that fixes the problem” when did he say this It needs a citation of the year and context. Although communicating can be a bit of a challenge if the right techniques are used on a regular basis quality communications can be achieved.

Literature Review
In an article titled Effective Communication Keys to Reducing Stress (year)there are ideas offered on ways to reduce stress and maintain effective communication in the process. The author gives managers eight ideas on how to limit stress in the workplace cite the page number. The following example clearly fits what is discussed above about limited communication between administrative staffers and the student body. By making sure each member of his or her staff be given clear and consistent instructions, comments, and feedback as well as promote two communications. (Professional Pointers, 2012, p. 5)
Ensuring Effective Two-way Communications discusses about how listening and trust are very important and work well together. Also provides some helpful tips on how to become a more active listener. In addition, Pearce speaks about when two individuals communicate to each other effectively how the two are able to come to a better understanding in the long run than two individuals that have difficulties communicating. This point to the apparent difficulties faced by students also. (Pearce, (2011, p. 27-29)
Influential Factors on Effectiveness of Corporate Communication and Consumer Retention is a journal article that takes a look at a study by a corporation to see the impact corporations have on consumer retention been it positive or negative. It takes the information from questionnaires of about four hundred eighty five people that be considered important for managerial and academic implications to improve or increase consumer relational satisfaction. This piece was introduced because of the level of dissatisfaction attained by students on any given day. Clearly stated yes DeVry is a large corporation however broken down on a smaller scale like for say at the campus level every person should it be staff or student be able to agree on a course of action after and encounter provided the communication is effective. (Akin & Demirel(2011, p. 128-153)
The information contained in the article “Confidence vs. Arrogance” explains the difference between confidence and arrogance and how it can affect the waves of communication. For example, the author says: “Humility is knowing we're going to get kicked (and when we least expect it) and striving to get kicked differently each time. Arrogance is thinking that no one would ever dare take aim.” This article was helpful it clearly separated confidence and arrogance, included because a staff member can perform at a high level without exhibiting arrogance toward a student. (Napoletano,2011, p. 20)
In Fundamentals of Effective...

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