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The Connection Between Global Warming And The Hole In The Ozone

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The Connection Between Global Warming and the Hole In The Ozone
Global warming and the hole in the ozone layer are two topics that are frequently debated in the scientific community. After researching the two phenomena I feel that they are both very closely related, but I do not feel that one is the main cause for the other or that they share the same main cause. As far as the two producing the same effect, I do believe there may be some credibility in that theory.
The hole in the ozone layer is caused mainly by the use of chlorofluorocarbons, or CFCs, which are most prominently found in aerosol based products, and halon which was produced mainly for use in fire extinguishers up until ...view middle of the document...

Greenhouse gasses absorb heat at a low altitude and warm the surface, but at the same time they are cooling the stratosphere. This cooling of the stratosphere has caused an increase in stratospheric clouds around the South Pole where the Antarctic hole is located. The increase in the stratospheric clouds has increased the efficiency of chlorine release into a reactive form of chlorine that can damage the ozone layer at a higher rate. (Lindsey, 2010) I do not feel this can be viewed as a main cause of all holes in the ozone layer because these extremely cold conditions are not present at the other places around the Earth where other holes in the ozone layer are located.
I do feel that the two phenomena are having the same effect on the Earth when viewed in a general sense. Both global warming and holes in the ozone layer are causing catastrophic problems for human beings. Both phenomena have different effects on humans. Global warming is credited with the melting of the ice caps,...

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