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The Core Competency Of Leadership In Nursing

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The Core Competency of Leadership in Nursing
James Dunn
Chamberlain College of Nursing
Course Number: NR351
December 2015

The Core Competency of Leadership in Nursing
Leadership in nursing is a fundamental core competency that is important to the growth and development of all nurses. The success of nursing is directly related to the effectiveness of the leadership in which they receive. By providing a good example, it will help to influence those around them and inspire others to want to lead as well. Leadership is important to nursing because it promotes a positive environment for current and future nurses and can develop standards and goals for nurses to continually strive for. ...view middle of the document...

They lead by aspiring others and motivating them toward positive change and common goals. They exercise their own leadership however involve others in the process as well. This type of leadership style promotes nursing satisfaction by allowing them the freedom to disagree with supervisors, receive positive recognition, and are shown respect by management (Schwartz et al., 2011).
Traits of an Effective Leader
“Mutuality, empowerment, and transformation serve as hallmarks of contemporary leadership” (Hood, 2014, p.456). Key qualities that make up an effective leader include characteristics such as honesty, open communication, confidence, positive attitude, and the ability to inspire others. Being an effective leader means leading towards common goals and not goals that are beneficial to just one’s own self-worth. An effective leader inspires others to become leaders themselves thus furthering the advancement toward positive change.
Nurses as Leaders
Nurses take on several important leadership roles and display several leadership skills within the healthcare system. It is imperative that nurses accept these roles and utilize their skills in order to accomplish important goals within their profession. As leaders, they need to influence others within their profession to also continually strive toward effective leadership.
Roles of a Nurse Leader
Nurses take on several roles as leaders. Some may be more evident while other roles are incorporated into their daily routine. Some examples of leadership roles in nursing include being a critical thinker, caregiver, patient advocate, coordinator, and legislative leader (Hood, 2014). Although nurses may not claim their role as a leader,...

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