The Courts In Our Criminal Justice System

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The Courts in Our Criminal Justice System

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

After reviewing the difference between the Texas Court System and The Federal Court System, I have learned that each function quite differently, but in the end have a common ground to what is expected of the Laws of The Land. For instance, the structure is different in various way such as: the Federal Court System in Article III indicates how the Constitution devote the legal power of the ...view middle of the document...

S. Court of Appeals, the 94 U.S. District Courts, and more. Whereas, in Article V, the Texas Constitution devotes the legal power of the state in the Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals, Courts of Appeals; along with other courts. Moreover, parties that are disgruntled with the choice of the trial court, may forward their cases to the intermediate Court of Appeals for additional assistance. Additionally, the Court of Criminal Appeals, levers equally obligatory and unrestricted affairs. (Texas Courts Online). The types of cases that are heard in a Federal Court are: Constitutionsl Law, Laws and treaties of the U.S., Ambassadors and public ministers, Disputes between two or more states, Admiralty law, and Bankruptcy. Cases heard in the Texas Court System are: Probate, Personal Injuries, Nearly all Criminal Cases. Family Law, Juvenile cases, Small claims, and traffic cases.(Texas Courts Online). As a result of how these two organization function there is similarity as mentioned above with having the goal which is making certain that every law abiding citizens follows state and federal regulations.


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