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The Development Theory Of Plate Tectonics

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The Development Theory of Plate Tectonics
* Introduction
In this report I will be describing the theory of the Plate tectonics and showing its main points of development.
There are matches between the shapes of South America and Africa. The two continents look like pieces of a jigsaw. Alfred Wegner thought that this meant that the continents where moving. They had once been joined together.
He looked for evidence which was recorded in their rocks.
In 1912 Wegner presented the idea of continental drift and his supporting evidence to a meeting of the Geological Society of Frankfurt. ...view middle of the document...

Reptile fossils matched too. People claimed he couldn’t just draw conclusions from a few fossils. They thought that there could once have been a land bridge joining Africa and South America. Wegner disagreed with the idea and asked for the evidence of there being a land bridge.
The rock types on each continent fit like pictures on a jigsaw. The continents were once joined together. He claimed continents moved slowly. However one of the key principles of geology was to ‘use the present to interpret the past’ and therefore because it was said that the continents were not moving in the present that they had not previously moved at all. They also questioned what force would be able to move the continent.
• Your work needs to include dates for each step and a summary of each step.
• The names of the scientists involved
• The observations they made
• The hypothesis they came up with
• Experiments to test/confirm/negate the hypothesis
• Sharing of findings with other scientist
• Experiments repeated by others
• Theory acceptance stage
• How long did it take for the theory to be accepted, why?

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