The Differences In Competencies Between Nurses Prepared At The Associate Degree Level Versus The Baccalaureate Degree Level In Nursing

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Discussing the Differences in Competencies between nurses prepared at the Associate-Degree level versus the Baccalaureate-Degree level in Nursing.
Gillian Gimby
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V
August 11, 2013

Discussing the Differences in Competencies between nurses prepared at the Associate-Degree level versus the Baccalaureate-Degree level in Nursing.
Nursing has been constantly evolving in every direction of the health care field. In the beginning of nursing it was built and expanded on many frameworks of education/models. In becoming a registered nurse there are many stage: general educations, prerequisites, nursing school of Associate or Baccalaureate degree, Master of Nursing ...view middle of the document...

ADN programs prepare technical bedside nurses for secondary care settings, such as community hospitals and long-term health care facilities. (Friberg 26) When ADN programs were started they were only meant to be short term. If a nurse had ADN they were team up with and BSN nurse. In the past the ADN degree was used for nursing shortage, they need nurses. Not to say that having an ADN is a not expectable. As the federal, state and many hospitals combine together the percentage and numbers of how the nurse caring for patient should have a higher education. I have an Associate degree. I have been a floor nurse for about five year. Our hospital became Magnet in 2011, with this award we have to have certain percentage of bachelors’ nurses by next designation. This is not why I am getting my bachelors to be a percentage but to have more windows of opportunities in having my BSN. I am planning on continuing on to get my Masters.
The battle between Associate vs. Bachelors have been raging over years. The debate seems to be heavily to receive in BSN and or higher education. The American Nurses Association (ANA), American Association of College of Nursing and Institute of Medicine (IOM) have published many articles, facts and book about the important of a nurse to become BSN or higher educations. Just by researching between the ADN and BSN the developments and growth are very different. Using the description from Grand Canyon University College of Nursing Philosophy, “Baccalaureate nursing practice incorporates the roles of assessing, critical thinking, communicating, providing care, teaching, and leading. The caring professional approach includes the values of autonomy, altruism, human dignity, integrity, and social justice with unconditional regard for all people.” Critical thinking and leadership are large necessities in being a whole nurse. Nurse needs to be a more in-depth for our patients. (Grand Canyon University, College of Nursing Philosophy)
Patient Care Scenario
A patient is admitted with abdominal pain, fever and nausea and vomiting of 3 days. Patient doesn’t have any insurance;...

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