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The Disintegration Of The Persistence Of Memory

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In the article “Employee Engagement – the Emergence of a New Construct?” by Richard McBain, employee engagement is a fairly new yet increasingly discussed topic. McBain likens it to “the ‘ultimate prize’ for employers” and although its meaning has yet to be clearly defined, he states that “employee engagement can make a difference to the performance of individuals, teams and organizations”. Indeed it is, as its name suggests, this concept integrates several aspects such as employee satisfaction, enthusiastic involvement as well as commitment in a job, which will ultimately affect the way organisations perform. With this knowledge, companies are actively encouraging employee engagement in ...view middle of the document...

The painting shows several clocks, where all are synchronised to show 6 o’clock. Timing is of importance in several aspects. It signifies precision and accuracy, both of which can be related to when and how plans are implemented. Time is also an important factor when employees are recognised for their efforts; employers are constantly reminded to reward employees for their contribution to ensure that trust is built up between employers and employees. Should an employee have to wait for ages for his salary or incentive, he may feel neglected or even manipulated, which may cause adverse effects on an employee’s performance. Therefore, by ensuring punctuality, companies can fulfill the lowest level of need of an employee and thus motivate them.

With that, employees then need to feel a sense of belonging in the company. Referring to “The Disintegration of the Persistence of Memory” again, the most noticeable identity is the fragmented components of the objects in the painting. At a glance, it seems to invoke a feeling of segmentation yet ironically, it in fact portrays unity; each piece forms a part of a large picture and without just one piece, the harmony of the picture will be distorted. This can be seen in the centre of the painting (enlarged on the right), where two missing blocks have left an ugly cavity in the neatly aligned rows. Therefore, it shows how important every employee is in the company; if one employee is absent, a job process goes undone or the psychological effect on the other employees will simply be negatively affected. As such, employers need to constantly remind the employees that everyone is an important member of the family.

This idea is also brought out in “The Metamorphosis of Narcissus”, another of Dali’s renowned masterpieces. In the middle of the painting, there is a congregation of people in an animated discussion. This group of people represents both employees and employers in a meeting, in which they involve themselves in a highly recharged and productive two-way discussion. This form of communication is the key to engaging employees in their jobs; by taking their views and thoughts into serious consideration and transforming them into methods that allow the company to progress. When employees witness their valued efforts improving the performance of the company, they will ultimately be more motivated in their jobs as they feel productive and important. This will create a sense of belonging for them in the company.

The second last layer of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs refers to esteem; employees need to be recognised for the effort they have invested in the company’s progress. This can be brought out in the “Metamorphosis of Narcissus”, where a statue stands on the far right. This statue resembles a trophy, which can be the representation of rewards and incentives. Through this, employees have the motivation to strive for success and improvement.

Finally, the model states that...

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