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The Economy Of Mental Health Essay

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Reflection 2 : Charlotte Hajer. « The Economy of Mental Health: Inequalities in Access to Care in Morocco.»
I think it a very important subject to all the Moroccans. A survey from 2005 is kind of old in these kinds of articles. I wished if its was more from the past two to four years, so we could get a real glance at what we have. I had previous thoughts on the medical care in Morocco. Did it go better or worse? Especially since 2005. I mean 10 years is a long period and a lot can happen within that time. ...view middle of the document...

I mean how can the government ignore half of its people? Half of its voters? Yeah I know people are scared or do not care about these kind of illnesses. Its the governments job to help the citizens be aware of the problems and its many ways of curing it. How can a person go to a psychiatric to help him knowing most of them have a bad reputation? I would not go! Most of the Moroccans who can afford it always run abroad to get the appropriate health care. Sooner or later Moroccans would run to France just to get the flu shots. I mean, we do not lack anything. There are citizens who open clinics willing to help, willing to make a change rather than just collecting money, but the government wants its money out of it or they will figure out a million way to shut down the hopes and dreams. Government also focuses just on big cities: Tangier, Rabat, Casa, Fes, Marrakech, and Agadir. What about villages? Small towns? They are part of Morocco too, no? Government should take every region by itself. No one should travel just for an appointment or to see a Dr. I felt sad reading this article. Yeah, I guess no matter what happens, we are still in Africa where the strong eats the weak and the strongest will live.

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