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The Effects Of Binge Drinking On The Restaurant Industry : A Qualitative Study On College Students Behavior While Intoxicated

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Simrat Dhaliwal
English 202A
March 20, 2013
The Effects of Binge Drinking on the Restaurant Industry : A Qualitative Study on College Students Behavior while Intoxicated
The act of binge drinking in college has been around for many years. It is also a widespread social norm around the world, college students all over the world engage in binge drinking. Numerous research studies and programs that relate to the danger of alcohol follow the amount of alcohol that is consumed by college students. The hypothesis for this particular study states that the act of binge drinking by college students makes them more likely to behave rudely and aggressively towards restaurant ...view middle of the document...

This restaurant primarily sells chicken wings and is open until 3:30 A.M on Fridays and Saturdays. The identity of the restaurant will be replaced by the pseudonym Happy Wings in order to ensure confidentiality. This location was chosen because of it’s late hours that give the research a better understanding of how college students behave after bars and other nightlife have closed. The sample population for this study includes 4 female students and 6 male students who have engaged in binge drinking within this past year. For the sake of the study, binge drinking will be defined as any alcohol consumption intended to make the subject intoxicated. These 10 subjects were handed a questionnaire during their visit to Happy Wings and were asked to return it within a two-week period. Participants that stated they have not engaged in binge drinking within the last year were excluded from this study.
Research Procedure
The data used within the research was collected with the use of a paper questionnaire. Behaviors observed on Friday February 8th 2013 as well as Saturday February 9th 2013 were also taken into consideration for the study. Participants were asked to take the questionnaires home in order to create a less judgmental and more confidential atmosphere. Participants were found by asking customers who came into Happy Wings. The questionnaire was handed to over 25 possible participants but only 10 were returned. A section was incorporated into the survey stating that answering the questions meant that the participants consented to having their answers recorded and used in the study. The questions asked in the survey aimed to find out the age and gender roles associated with aggression caused by binge drinking, if normally unaggressive person behaved differently towards restaurant staff after engaging in binge drinking and, whether the participants have or have witnessed someone behaving rudely towards a restaurant employee. The final question asked whether or not the participant believed that a programmed designed to help college students who behave aggressively while intoxicated would be the correct preventative measure.
Several major themes were exposed within the data collected. These themes reflect the thoughts of college students on their own behavior as well as their peers’. The themes included, masculinity issues in gender roles, impulsivity, as well as the lack of concern for reform.
Masculinity Issues
One of the most prominent findings was that men seemed to be the more likely to express their feelings about slow service or if something was wrong with their order. One question asked was whether the participant was a male or female and another asked if they behaved more aggressively after binge drinking. Within the questionnaires returned, being a male correlated positively to whether or not they felt more aggressive after engaging in binge drinking. During the Friday and Saturday observed, it was also confirmed that...

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