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The Effects Of Technology On Accounting Professionals

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The Laundery industry has very few reputable cleaners that operative with similar services and very few satisfied customers. The fact that very few laudry services pick up laudery at homes, and has a self service laudery mat, notes that the industry has great potential for a profitable growing business which can expand and diversify the services.
.Although this service is innovative , Lynn’s Clean & Press has to consider the fact that there will be competition ,business imitators and rivals that will try to gain the customers market share in future. As more completion increases Lynn’s Clean & Press has to further innovate and distinguish/differentiate its services from the competitors so we will need to develop a strategy that set us apart.
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Lynn’s Clean & Press maintains its competitive edge through maintain supplies in bulk from wholesalers and reducing accounting by using online services for all the cleaning needs.
The Diffirentiator for Lynn’s Clean & Press would be that by using a web base order form, Families can easy request laundery service that is tailored and personalized services to addressing to the entire family needs.
The online processes and tools would be high in technology and quality so that the experts can have uninterrupted web interaction with its customers. The Lynn’s Clean & Press webservices staff would be technically proficient in taking web base orders and well versed in the laundry services a family would needs
Lynn’s Clean & Press will have to be diligent in keeping the operationg cost down as the economy might shift causing higher supply cost, resources , maintain the technology edge and hiring qualified professionals . However, this can be offset by the increase number of satisfied customer online as well as walk-ins. Also by having all customres register promotion, advertisement campaigns and references would Satisfied customers will help make Lynn’s Clean & Press a leader in the laundry business.
For smooth running of the operations Lynn’s Clean & Press must be in good relations with suppliers, corporations , community and advertisers . The structure of Lynn’s Clean & Press would be the new model laundery services where experts would work in collaboration with families, business and community . The structure will be flat with owner and supervisons . Lynn’s Clean & Press would be committed towards employee satisfaction through flexible job hours and also giving them the option of work around the school or home life.

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