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The Effects Of Watching Tv Cartoon Program On The Behavior Of Grade One Pupils In Brion Silva Elementary School

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The Effect of T.V. Cartoon Network on the Aggressive Behavior of Grade One Pupils in Brion-Silva Elementary School

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The Problem and Its Background

The environment in the twenty-first century is media rich. People of all ages are surrounded by media from morning until night. We hear it greet us on our alarm clocks or on the radio in our vehicles, see it on billboards outside or in magazines while waiting for the doctor, and view it using computers, playing gaming devices ...view middle of the document...

6, chart 8)” and more than half of parents reported they’ve “seen their 4-6 year-olds imitate behaviors from TV (p. 8, chart 15).” Television is obviously a convenient way to entertain children when a parent handles things like phone calls or dinner, and many parents say they are likely to utilize TV in this manner (Hamlett, 2008; Rideout et al., 2003)
Children today are growing up with several media options in their homes (Tidar & Lemish, 2003; Rideout et al., 2003). Television, video games, computers and DVD players are all considered “screen time” and each of these can be broken down even further: IPads, Leap Pads, and other computers or gaming devices, for example. According to an American Journal of Pediatrics study, preschool-aged children are consuming approximately 4.1 hours of various screen media every day (Saint Louis, 2013; Tandon, Zhou, Lozano & Christakis, 2011).
For the purpose of this research, an interview was conducted to the parents, teachers and school going children of Brion-Silva Elementary School ages 6 to 7.

Statement of the problem
The objective of this study is to trace the effect on the behavior of the children after watching cartoon programs. It not only attracts the children through its contents but also inculcates some positive and negative habits in them. This study explores the impact of violence presented in cartoons on children behavior. They not only imitate their favorite cartoon characters but even force their parents to buy the same costumes or accessories as displayed by different cartoon characters. This study also depicts this fact that the behavior of the children in class is influenced by watching different cartoon programs.
The research questions of the study are the following:
1. What amount and content of television are school going children consuming?
2. To what extent do children imitate or copy cartoon characters?
3. What is the perception of parents and teachers regarding the effect of T.V. Cartoon network on the aggressive behavior of school going children?
Based on these research questions, the study focuses on both children and adults. By analyzing the issue of cartoons’ effect from these two different perspectives, the paper has a holistic image on the role of animation films within a child’s life.

Importance of the Study
. The research is important in decent that, the research will help to find the remote influence of the T.V. cartoon on children aggressiveness. It will as well enable parents and guidance to determine their children exposure to cartoon network.
The research will benefit:

Who are concerned about their children spending too much time watching cartoons and retaining information from them. They will involve their children in more meaningful activities like playing indoor and outdoor games, reading or art.

Who use television cartoons in schools...

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