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The Elements Of Healthy Lifestyle Essay

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Leading a healthy lifestyle in today's temptation-filled society is slightly more challenging than in previous generations, however there are still many ways to lead an active and health conscious lifestyle. Exercise, diet and sleep are the most basic elements there are to living a healthy life. If these three simple factors can be kept in check constantly then it is very simple to live healthily. A good diet is the most crucial part of this and the phrase 'you are what you eat' really rings true.

Healthy Diet

Water is very important. A lot of people allow themselves to become dehydrated without realizing. Once you become thirsty, it is too late. The best way to keep yourself ...view middle of the document...

It involves many possible ways to achieve the results you desire.
It involves a shift towards an experience that is FUN. The benefits of activity are easily seen as satisfying as each step, each progression leads to more and more of the freedom to be, do, and have all that you really want in your life.
It’s all about designing your life so that an active approach to living becomes your automatic unconscious normal response in day-to-day living.
It involves a slow and steady made easy approach that enables you to gradually build this element into your life so as not to overwhelm an already busy life.
It involves both exercise and physical activity because they can be somewhat different things.

Adequate Sleep, Rest, & Renewal

We live in a sleep deprived society. We’re working longer and longer. We don’t take much needed breaks during the day, hoping to get more done. Obligations to family and friends mount. Multi-tasking everything takes over. When we do finally go to sleep our minds are racing with the days events or mapping out tomorrow’s. The result is that we sleep less and the quality of our sleep is getting worse and worse.
This involves creating a healthy respect for sleep.
It involves designing your environment to support the rest you need.
It involves consciously creating the habits and patterns of your day and evening so they support your goals of rest and renewal.
It involves a shift in the understanding how effective rest and renewal will actually lead to greater results, greater success, and getting more done than powering through.
The results of our sleep deprivation can negatively impact our taking...

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