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The Examination Of The Willingness Of The Individual In Taking Apart Of Australia’s Drinking Culture

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The Examination of the Willingness of the Individual in Taking Apart of Australia’s Drinking Culture
Keaton Hanly
PYB 307
Deanne Armstrong
Thursday 1-2pm
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In Australia, binge drinking “…refers to drinking heavily over a short period of time with the intention of becoming intoxicated, resulting in immediate and severe intoxication.” (DrugInfo) In order to be a binge drinker one would have to drink… “more than four standard drinks at any one time.” (DrinkWise) However, binge drinking isn’t just defined as drinking four standard drinks at one time, it can also refer to drinking “...continuously for a number of days or weeks, ...view middle of the document...

” (IntheKnowZone) Other than potentially harming themselves or others through binge drinking, Long-time binge drinkers can become physically or psychologically dependent upon alcohol, and developing liver or brain damage. “Approximately 15% of all drinkers… will develop an alcohol abuse or dependence ("alcoholism") problem.” (Citation) Even with all these health problems associated with binge drinking it is still common for university students to binge drink, “a national survey reveals that 42% of college students reported binge drinking.” (IntheKnowZone) This is because of the social culture Australia has built around drinking, “where young people who do not get drunk and party hard on a regular basis are considered abnormal…. Those of us not keen on this excessive drinking culture are constantly being pressured to drink, and we are labeled boring or immature when we don't partake.” (MyNameisAustralia) The social culture of Australia sees those who do not take part in drinking as outcasts and in turn makes people look down on those who don’t drink. This is how people are pressured into drinking because they want to fit in with the others and in order to do that they have to drink. This willingness to join in can be examined through the Prototype Willingness Model on why they binge drink. (469 Words)
The Prototype Willingness Model was developed to explain how a person’s behavior was derived through how willing they are to take part in that action. Multiple factors such as past behavior, attitudes, subjective norms, and prototype favorability or similarity will determine a person’s willingness to behave in a certain way or take part in a certain activity. Past behavior is the first factor that affects a person’s willingness to take part in binge drinking. Whether the person is normally a social being or have friends that are they will be more willing to take part in this behavior. However, if a person is less socially inclined to follow trends be influenced by peer pressure than they are less likely to binge drinking. Underage drinking is also common in Australia and since this is the case the behavior of the students in high school will influence how they act at university. “88% of high school seniors have tried alcohol at least once. By the time they graduate from high school, two-thirds of youth are regular drinkers, and two-fifths are frequent binge drinkers.” (IntheKnowZone) This behavior will only increase while at university because students have the perception that everyone in college drinks. “Students tend to overestimate other students' use of alcohol and other drugs. Students estimated that 2% of other students abstained from alcohol and other drugs, while in fact 16% abstained.” (IntheKnowZone) This attitude that everyone in college drinks makes those that don’t feel left out and socially unaccepted. According to the Positive Futures report, “29% of the young people surveyed said the aspect of drinking alcohol that they...

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