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The Feasibility Of Tomato (Lycopersicum Esculentum) As Main Ingredient In Making Tomato Candy Brittles

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Candies are ideal choice when your product requires exceptional color, aroma, or flavor quality. Most commonly, candies are hard molded sugar that may be presented by designated forms or shards with highly concentrated color and rich flavor.
On the other hand, tomato (Lycopersicum Esculentum) is a common name for a perennial herb. It belongs to the nightshade family, Solanaceae, and for its edible fruit. Botanically, the tomato is a fruit, but for purposes of trade it is classified as a vegetable. Because tomatoes are warm-season plants and sensitive to frost, they are grown as annuals in temperate climate. Tomato is a red fruit which is rich a ...view middle of the document...

Definition of terms
Tomato - the main ingredient in making the candy brittles
Sugar - essential ingredient in making the candy; helps harden the candy
Corn syrup - keeps the candy moist and maintains its freshness
Candy - the desired product of the study

Review of Literature

Red fruits and vegetables are also good sources of collagen. These include red peppers, beets, and tomatoes. They contain lycopene which act as antioxidants and increase collagen production (as cited in Foods that are Rich in Collagen).
Tomato is one of the most widely grown and economically important vegetable plant/crops. Botanically, tomatoes are fruits, but they are commonly referred as vegetables. They are eaten raw or cooked and are often processed to make tomato paste, sauce, puree, catsup or juice. Tomatoes are rich in potassium, Vitamin A and Vitamin C. A singled medium sized tomato has about 33 calories just about half the calories of an apple the same size. Tomato is also a family of nightshade, and is closely related to the potato and eggplant. It originated in the highlands of South America near the equator and was introduced in Europe in the mid 1500’s (Encyclopedia America (26), 1996).
The tomato is grown in Gardens and farms as a vegetable and is a good source of iron, phosphorus, calcium and Vitamins and A,B, and is an excellent source of Vitamin C. The tomato is also used as medicinally. The pulp and the juice are digestible, mild aperients (laxative), promoter of gastric secretion, and a very good blood cleanser or purifier. They are considered as an intestinal antiseptic, useful in cancer of the mouth, for sore throat. It stimulates a turpid liver, and is good for dyspepsia. It is highly prescribed for case of biliousness and it promotes the flow of bile. The juice is recommended for asthma, bronchitis, and those who have tuberculosis. One doctor says: “Tomatoes are the richest vitamins of all foods; they are the most wonderful and blood cleanser of all foods known to man; they are the richest of all vegetables in the natural health acids which keep our stomachs and intestines in condition; they are a most extraordinary corrective for kidneys, being a gentle, natural stimulant which help wash away the poisons which cause disease and contaminate our systems.” (Natures Guide to Healthful Living, 1984).
Tomato is an excellent source of vitamin A and C (cited in New Book of Knowledge, 1985).

Brown Sugar
A sucrose sugar product with a distinctive brown color due to the presence of molasses. It is either an unrefined or partially refined soft sugar consisting of sugar crystals with some residual molasses content, or it is produced by the addition of molasses to refined white sugar (so-calledMolasses Sugar).
Brown sugar contains from 3.5% molasses (light brown sugar) to 6.5% molasses (dark brown sugar) based on total volume. Based on total weight, regular brown sugar contains up to 10% molasses. The product is naturally moist...

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