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The Flash Essay

992 words - 4 pages

The Flash
APA 6Th Edition
Juan Carlos Garcia
South Texas College

"My name is Barry Allen, and I am the fastest man alive” Like most comic book characters we often get different versions to a character’s past, and story lines. I’ll be talking from the current TV show The Flash from The CW Network. The First episode aired: October 7, 2014 and right now season 2 is going on and episode 18 will be airing April 19th. The title of this episode is “Versus Zoom”
This is Barry Allen and he is known for working really slow and arriving late anywhere he goes. He is a scientist in the Criminal and Forensic Science Division of the Central Police Department. He lives with his boss and adoptive ...view middle of the document...

These “metahumans” are individuals that were exposed by the explosion of the particle accelerator and received power just like The Flash. Barry also gets assistance from team Arrow, Firestorm, the Atom and his friend/rival detective Edie Tawne. Iris got engaged to Edie while he was in a coma so Barry is frustrated because he is in love with her.
One day Barry decides to confess his loves towards Iris and they find out that they feel the same way about each other. Sadly, he had to run to save the Central city from Weather Wizard because he created a tsunami to destroy the City. The Flash runs along the beach to create a wall made out of wind, he ran so fast that he traveled in time for the first time without him knowing. He travels one day into the past resetting the future and preventing Weather Wizard from destroying Central City.
Creating an alternative time line by going back in the past, everything was changed in the present and Iris and Barry never had that conversation when he confesses his love to her. He was the only one that knew it had happened so he tried to recreate the conversation and in this timeline Iris doesn’t tell him that she loves him. Now that I’m talking about alternative timelines, the Reverse Flash is a time traveler speedster who got stuck in the past and needs Barry’s speed to return to the future. He is also a supervillain named Eobard Tawne a distant descendant of Edie Tawne who is responsible for killing Barry’s mother.
The Reverse Flash is in disguise as Dr Harrison Wells since he killed the real Harrison Wells and took over the Dr’s body in order to get close to Barry and steal his powers to go back to the future. Luckily Joe, Sisco, and Edie are able to find the truth about Harrison Wells, that he is The Reverse...

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