The Globalization Effect Essay

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The Globalization Effect

The waking of the “Giant” during World War II, gave way to the palpable strength of an American society that was felt throughout the new, post-war world. The democratic mission of America was brought forth and the words carved into the Statue of liberty “Give me your tired, your poor, your Huddled masses yearning to breathe free..” or the “American dream” showed once again to be the mission of the American/Western society. Post-war America, a more industrialized nation by then, started the globalization movement of a renewed capitalist society.

After the war, America had a foothold in each corner of the world; this was the first ...view middle of the document...

The effect this had on the rest of the world in the last 70 years is evident by the use computers, information, and new ideas today. Eastern societies are where globalization seems to have had the most impact. These are cultures that are not used to the idea that the general populace should be allowed to be taught freely and influenced by outside world. We have evidence of this in Russia, China, and most Middle Eastern countries.

The advancement of information technology in the West let people have a voice for the first time. Popular websites such as YouTube and social networking sites such as Facebook, let people stay anonymous and let them have a voice in Fascist or Communistic societies. This created greater insatiability in a postmodern world. The idea of freedom in authoritarian governments was something new. In response to this instability, rulers of these states used an old tool to corral the uneducated by use of ‘mob-mentality’ in order for leaders to stay in power. Western Countries started being targeted as corrupt and inferior by use of propaganda

America, one of the most religiously fervent countries in the world, is at the same time, one of the most religiously tolerant. Generally, societies are one or the other. For example, Iran is very religious, but is not “tolerant.” Likewise, Scandinavian countries are very tolerant but one wouldn’t call them “religiously fervent.” Pew Forums’ work on Religion and Public Life calls it “religious bridging”—that is, having friends and acquaintances of a different faith. According to the data, out of five of the average American’s closest friends, two-three “are of other faiths.” Half of all Americans are married to “someone of a different faith from the one in which they were raised.” This may not be the case in the east; members of different religions or different sects in the same religion do not associate or hesitate to do so in some religions of the world. For example, Hinduism, which originated in India, classifies its members into classes -called castes. One is born into a caste. The upper-castes deem the lower-castes ‘untouchables’. The caste system is still alive and well in rural India today. Hindus do prefer not to marry out of their caste or sect. Religion, while it produces a sense of compassion, brotherhood and concern for others, also has a dark side that produces intolerance and violence. Aside from intolerance and hostility toward sects within a religion and among religions, most religions condemn same-sex re-lations/marriages.
The “Queer Movement” as Plato called it, has been around for decades in America. Beginning in the early 1960's, a new generation of liberal Americans was formed with the help of new-age technology in bringing people closer together. The movement of “free love” and acceptance which was opposed to the traditional social norms started. This is similar to the rising movement in the Middle Eastern countries today. Many social groups today are gaining...

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