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The Greatest Failure Essay

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The Greatest Failure Makes the Sweetest Success
For many years now, there has been an on- going argument in regards to whether competitive sports benefit or harm public schools and communities. Many experts argue that competitive sports drive kids to perform better in school and in life. On the other hand, other experts worry that adults push kids too hard at such a young age and cause lifelong emotional issues. Each side states valid points however, schools and communities that push children to perform their greatest have the correct outlook on the real world and preparing children for the future because competition never disappears in this world, and sports contain a controlled ...view middle of the document...

If she would have stayed focused she would have had the opportunity to improve and could have had the potential to play over her teammates. As one can see, competition is not a horrible crime committed against our children but in fact it pushes them to do better and there is no better way to be competitive than through athletics.
Some experts say that competition ruined their childhood and made them feel less worthy (Source B). Many feel like competition has no place in society because it makes children feel less equal. The people that cry foul on competition make up scenarios in their head about what others think and feel about them, for example “The coach kept me on the sidelines the entire first half of the game… He was saving his trump card, me for the last half of the game” (Source B). This girl was building false ideas in her head about how great she was, but was later disappointed when she was not played. The coach did nothing to her, he simply just did what he felt was best for the team during that game. Maybe he wanted to play her for the second game and have children switch on and off every other game. Whatever the reason is, she jumped to conclusions about the coach which in turn only hurt her. The question is, did she decide her own fate by giving up? Yes, if she would have worked hard at it, her opportunity to play would have increased. Competition is meant to motivate and push someone to their limits but never discourage.
While competition is a great tool, in some...

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