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The Health Of Future Generations Starts Today

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The Health of Future Generations Starts Today
James C. Studaway

The Health of Future Generations Starts Today
“Do you love me? Do you care for what has taken me a lifetime to create for you? Don’t you see the benefits in what I’ve created for your families? Then, why aren't you caring for me? Why do you hurt me so?” No, these aren't the weeping of a heartbroken, young lover. They are Mother Nature’s heart-filled pleas to the citizens of Planet Earth. These are questions we must ask ourselves as guardians, shepherds, and stewards. Mankind’s everyday choices have corrupted nature’s bounty and created a dark pathway for many generations to come. Many feel nature’s tomorrow will take ...view middle of the document...

After World Wars I and II, America tried to return to its roots of agriculture throughout the South and Midwest. America became a booming industry of valuable commodities like oil, coal, cattle, pigs, corn, wheat and cotton, just to name few. We thought the world needed what we had so it was the farmers and big industries to the rescue. Nevertheless, we were brought to our knees in restitution for our ignorance. Over farming contributed to the Dust Bowl of America’s Great Plains and Canada in the 1930’s. The lack of tress, grass and proper water irrigation, could not stop the powerful winds that destroyed over 100,000,000 acres. Improper safety and over mining killed thousands in coal mines and oil drilling. Also, thousands of the miners suffered or died from Black Lung Disease (United States Mine Rescue Association, n.d.). Pesticides were also thought to be the savior of our livestock and agricultural problems. We thought we needed protection from the insects. However, more protection was needed from the pesticide, related diseases creeping into our bodies through animal and plant foods. Human health worsened due to the increases of cancer, birth defects, and learning abilities in our children and adults; many linked to pesticides in animal and plant foods (Toxicsaction Center, 2012). It seems in our desires to produce more, faster, and cheaper, our efforts have become self-destructive when a lack of thorough, researched plans is put into place.
Lastly, the world has become a generation of technologists and all answers are behind the keyboard of a computer or iPhone. We’ve entered a world where speed is a way of life and the gigabyte rules in our quest to sustain Democracy and Free Enterprise. The world has found itself reliant on the pollution, causing fossil fuels to sustain it all; so, nuclear energy became our new savior. Regrettably, we soon discovered the nuclear atom which provides so many with power can pitch a very destructive temper tantrum. For hundreds of years to come, the area around the Chernobyl Nuclear Plant in the former Ukrainian SSR, Soviet Union will be uninhabitable. Actions of irresponsible engineers, lead to a nuclear meltdown in 1986. Also, the partial nuclear meltdown at Three Mile Island in Dauphin County,...

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