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The Human Element “Ethics” In Business Research Management

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The Human Element “Ethics” in Business Research Management

Kanak Tara*, Archana Yadav** and Ritesh Kumar***
*JRF, Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad
**M. Ed., Xt. Xavier College, Patna;
***Scientist, Central Institute of Mining & Fuel Research, Dhanbad

India, like some of the other developed and developing countries in the world, is greatly facing problem of ethics in business research and its management. The large amount of new wealth creates incentive to cut corners to get rich. The pressure to succeed at all costs has created a ‘cheating culture’ that threatens to undermine academia as well as the social and economic fabric of society. However, good business ethics help ...view middle of the document...

But the concepts of business, ethics, and the environment can be aligned to create innovation rather than legislation and litigation. There are no magic solutions; however, asking the right questions is a step in the right direction. One needs to understand ethics so that it can be followed for societal advantage. Ethics in its simplest term can be defined as “the societal norms adopted by a group and are a universal human trait that deals with the fundamental human relationships.

Ethical Principles
Ethical principles are guides to moral behavior. Ethical principles should be such that it should have the characteristics of universality. It should be such that it can be applied in the same manner in all countries, cultures, communities. Ethical principles can be characterized as good or bad. Honesty, keeping promises, helping others, respective rights of others, etc. are some traits that comes under the category of good ethical principles. Lying, stealing, deceiving, harming others, etc. are some traits that comes under bad ethical things. However, there also have some touch of relativity and the ethical principles have been found to vary from country to country and community to community

Relevance of Ethics
The concept of ethics and its relevance has been always at the forefront when engaged in any work that affect society and the environment, be it the work of business, business research and its management. During last few decades the human element “ethics” has been in regular discussion in the research field as the evidence shows the widened cleavage between the humanities and science. For an ordinary person this would be a very surprising thing to find ethical issues so much given importance in the research related areas. Nowadays, people engaged in the research related work at the very outset start with the work and care little about the way the work should be carried out. Their main aim becomes finishing the work and making business rather than thinking ethically and then carrying out the work so that the society is not harmed.

The standards by which men live are important at all levels of responsibility. This is even more important from the religion point of view. Of late the crisis of ethics in the research areas in general have arisen because of few individuals that have tried to influence the society through their unethical practices and have moved the society in the wrong direction. The persons at the higher level are causing more harm to the society through their lowering of standards of conduct. At this stage of crisis relevance and need of ethics can be very well understood.
Ethical Issues or Ethical Misconduct in Research
Some of the important ethical issues/misconduct in research includes:
1. Fabrication
2. Falsification
3. Plagiarism
4. Improprieties of Authorship
5. Violation of generally accepted Research Practices

Each of the following is being discussed in brief below:
1. Fabrication:...

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