The Impact Of Crm Capability On Innovation And Performance Advantages

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My presentation that I’m going to show you is about “The impact of CRM capability on innovation and performance advantages”. PRESENTATION My discussion is divided in that part: - Abstract show the motivation of this choose. not only the author’s motivation but also my motivation. - with Teory I would like to give you some key concept like the definition of Innovation and who signify for a firm to bring a new product in the market - Consequently I m going to show you the Main Research of Moustafa and Mahomed Battor from Tana University, Egypt, with their results - and in conclusion I will show you an example of application of that research into practice. I choose the new application of ...view middle of the document...

The overall goals are to find, attract, and win new clients, service and retain those the company already has, entice former clients to return, and reduce the costs of marketing and client service Higher levels of innovation are associated with higher levels of performance. Higher levels of CRM capability are associated with higher levels of performance. Higher levels of CRM capability are associated with higher levels of innovation. 2 What is Innovation Is innovation any idea or product perceived by the potential adopters to be new. Rosabeth Moss Kanter in “Highlights” concluded that winners generate “idea power” that provides the competitive advantage, not only in new products but also in new ideas in every area: - better packaging - new planning system - lower cost manufacturing what needs to be taken into consideration before thinking about a new product? - What is desirable to users - What is possible with technology - What is viable in the market place These three characteristics are closely related and they must be associated with costs and profits. 3 What’s happen in reality  Consumers are bombarded with new products of every form  Developing a superior CRM capability is expected to be one of the most important sources of superior performance in today’s competitive business environment.  Generally, attracting new customers costs 5 times as much as keeping or managing existing ones, which means that existing customers contribute five times more sales than new customers do. So, beyond designing strategies to attract new customers and create transaction with them, organizations recognise the importance of retaining current customers and building lasting CR  Innovation is also an important organizational capability, because successful new products are engines of growth and provide increased sales, profits and competitive strength for most organizsations.

Research Design

 Data Collection - FAME database They used FAME database of UK companies as our sampling frame. FAME is Forecasting Analysis and Modeling Enviroment From that database they draw a sample of 100 companies with more than 50 employees - Questionnaire to CEO They directed the survey to CEOs because previous studies have shown that such high level executives are generally reliable in their evaluations of their firm’s activities and performance A sample of 1000 firms whose 204 respondents, 24 omited and finally 180 completed questionnaires  Measures They measured the tree constructs by multiple-item scales adapted from previous studies - CRM capability: they used the (2002) definitions that consist of three firstorder components  relationship orientation configuration customer information - Innovation they ground their measures on Booz Allen Hamilton scale that identified six categories of products ranging from new-to-the-world products to cost reductions. - Business Performance Objective Measures use the absolute values of the...

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