The Impact Of Social Media And Mobile Communication In Your Daily Life

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Write a reflective report on the impact of social media and mobile communication in your daily life. How should an organization manage its information systems to meet the demand of your generation?

Executive Summary

Social media and mobile communication both are becoming interrelated and major way of communication. The assignment contains exploration of these two major ways of communication based on personal reflection and possible ways to manage information system more effectively and efficiently in the favor of young generation. The study consisted based on analysis, execution of real life portrays and additional relevant information ...view middle of the document...

For social communication, to check important news and events, job vacancies; media such as Facebook, Linkedin, Google Plus etcetera are very helpful. Without mobile, a day is unimaginable. Now mobile communication is not restricted in just calls and text messages; use of social media through mobile internet, watching mobile television on the go, buying train ticket, to pay bills, ‘Bikash’ for urgent money transaction or to buy things from the online based shops and for many other value added services which are considered a part of modern mobile communication system nowadays. Even though, Impact is not bounded only in benefits sometime, it hampers study, create misunderstanding between friends, reason for cyber crime and social harassment and the paramount issue is addiction toward Facebook. More than 60% of online users actively maintain a Facebook profile daily and 40% use mobile phone to use social networking.
2. Findings
From user perspective, there are many obvious need and wants. After analyzing intensively several important things are emerged.
2.1 Moderation and Authentication System
Strong moderating and authentication system should be employed to social media information system. Specially now, there so many are downgrade news portals, pages have seen on social medias which share serious repugnant news and articles. So, social media should have local moderating facility so that pages, news portals can be monitored. Furthermore, there should be proper authentication system so that fake and duplicate account cannot be created and existing account can be verified. It can be done by face recognition system using user camera mobile, mobile verification code. It will also help the information management system as duplicate, unnecessary accounts and pages can be obliterated. In addition, profile hacking tendency, harassment and misunderstanding can be reduced.
2.2 Age Restriction for Underage Children
Shared contents in social medias is needed to be restricted at some point. Now facebook is available to children from thirteen years of age, ergo there should be an option to select age limit or restriction for underage before posting something, same goes for pages contains mature contents. Moreover, while posting news reports regarding on war, murder, violence this age restriction option can be used.
2.3 Customization and Target Based Information Flow
Social media should be customizable to cope with all types of user. By the division of profession, social media organization can manage their information system; make it more target based information flow. Illustration- present generation businessman are internet savvy so there can be customizable profile with added options for sending business meeting invitations, checking what business leaders are sharing publicly, to see stocks charts and other breaking news. A students profile can be customized in a way...

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