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The Internet Postive And Negative Essay

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The Internet Positive and Negative:

Technological Age
In our technological age the majority of us use the internet on a daily basis in our homes, the workplace, and even our mobile devices as we travel locally and internationally. Obviously our access to the World Wide Web makes our lives easier, since information is quickly accessed by our fingertips, but this luxury is also afforded to criminals who also gain easy access to information for illegal uses. To get a more clear understanding of the positives and negatives of the internet, we must first understood how we communicate through it, and its major building blocks and functions. Once we have reached a ...view middle of the document...

1.KNU. “Internet Building blocks” Internet Technology.
Networking technology, the interconnecting of computers, is the foundation for the World Wide Web computer systems have a recursive type of structure that stores and processes elements that are connected to one another to build larger elements.
The architecture consist of: units that are functional connecting themselves to registers and on-chip cache, numerous processors and caches linked to main memories, computing nodes linked by the passing of messages via a LAN, LAN’s bridged together to form larger extended LANs, and networks that are connected in a WAN.2 Communication protocols, such as the TCP’s and IP’s are the heart of the internet protocols. Their two primary functions consist of providing the best delivery of connectionless data through and internetwork that supports data links with different transmission zizes.3 The Addressing system, the service that offers domain names to the user, is needed in order for a computer to the user, is needed in order for a computer to establish and identity. Without an identifier the machine cannot connect to the internet. This addressing system consist of a series of servers containing addresses that are need to obtain an IP address, thus accessing information to that particular host.4 The last building block is the client server paradigm, which is a program that send messages to a server asking for the information from the host system that you are looking for. This connection is accomplished through a communication protocol TCP/IP.5
2. Butler Thompson.”Interconnecting Computers: Architecture, Technology, and Economics 1994.
3. CISCO”Internet Protocols”
4. MIT Information Systems and Technology”IP Addresses, Host Names, and Domain Names”.”Client Server Paradigm”.
Cyber Criminals
Now that we have thoroughly established how one communicates via the internet and the architecture of tis major building blocks and functions, we can now peer into the negative aspects of World Wide Web that makes this technology although wonderful and convenient it simeltanusely leaves us susceptible to criminal acts. These criminal acts can be referred to us (CNE) Computer Network Exploitation. This definition refers to exploitation of information gathered on your target for personal purposes.6 One fascinating criminal Max Ray Butler, also known as the Iceman is a great example of an individual who exploits susceptibilities in computer networks for his own personal gains. Iceman who began a career as a security researcher was sentenced in 2010 for a total of 13 years the longest prison stay handed down over computer hacking. In addition upon payroll he will be supervised for 5 years and force to pay his victims restitution in close to 30 million dollars. In the beginning as a security researcher, he was a regular consultant for the FBI. As he turned to a life of cybercrime he began to use his talents to hack into carder...

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