The Lady With The Dog Essay

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Camille Bondy
Intro to short story
February 24, 2015
The Lady with the Dog: Close Reading
Anton Chekov, the author of The Lady with the Dog, writes about the unification of two people who are unhappily married. Dmitritch Gurov, the main character of the story, plays the role of a married man who is disloyal to his wife. Anna Sergeyevna, the lady with the dog, is also married. She is portrayed as an authoritative woman, until she begins her affair with Gurov. But even then the reader has a certain level of respect for her because she truly feels love for this man. When they first meet, it is clear that there is an instant attraction between them. Judging Gurov’s past one can promptly ...view middle of the document...

Chekov clearly depicts the life he has with his wife and how miserable he is all the time. He didn’t seem to love or appreciate anything about his wife, “he secretly considered her unintelligent, narrow, inelegant, was afraid of her, and did not like to be home” (1297). Gurov was unhappy with his life, so he turned to the satisfaction of getting other women as his happiness. “When he was in the company of women he felt free” and not trapped in the life he lives with no sincere relationships (1298). Every time he met a new woman he felt “eager for life, and everything seemed simple and amusing” (1298). He needed a bit of a thrill every ones in a while in order to be somewhat content. Gurov talks negatively about women, he refers to them as the “lower race”. Its almost as if making women inferior makes him feel more powerful and better about himself, but “he could not go two days together without the lower race” (1297). It’s ironic that he feels so negatively about women yet he needs them to feel free and appreciate life a little more. Without all of his affairs, Gurov would be a miserable man because he that is the only place where he finds happiness anymore.
At the begging of the story Gurov was a very insolent and to-himself man he “spoke ill of women… used to call them “the lower race” (1297). He thinks of women as mediocre yet needs them to feel anything at all. He felt more comfortable around women rather than men because he “knew what to say to them and how to behave” (1297). “There was something attractive and elusive which allured women” to him; this made it easier for him to communicate with them seeing as they were interested and wanted to have conversations with him. Gurov referring to women as “the lower race” is another one of his lies that he tells people. He clearly doesn’t feel that way towards them, otherwise he wouldn’t find women so endearing and mysterious.
Secrecy is big in Dmitritvh Gurovs life considering everything he truly feels is hidden from the world. The feelings...

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