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The Life Of A Woman In Ancient China

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The life of a woman in ancient china was a really cruel and harsh one. Many of the things that were a popular practise back then are now against the law universally now days. Men had absolute power of women, women’s feet were bound, women had specific clothes they had to wear and they developed a secret language.
Foot binding was a very strong practice in ancient china. Young girls from the age of about five or six had their feet bound by their MOTHERS. It started at this age because the feet were not fully grown (there for they were very small), and easy to change shape. This prosses was begun by breaking the toes and folding them as far back as they could go underneath the foot. Then the foot would be bound as tightly as possible so that it could not gradually slip back to ...view middle of the document...

But if that happened to a man from either sex that person would be considered an outcast. Woman had to be submissive to men and foot binding didn’t help stop that. It was a woman’s duty to give birth to a son, if she failed to do this though she would lose a lot of the little respect she had. The eldest in the family would have the most respect even if it was a woman. But she would hardly have more than the youngest son.
Women in ancient china had no education unless they were the empor’s wife or daughter. Males all had education unless your family was poor, which was the case for most families. Although, by the law all males had to learn ancestor worship. But women were not intrusted enough. All the women could do was mourn and this is what they had to do.
All marriages in ancient China were arranged ones. The parents of the child would meet up with anthoer set of parents and visit a MAN called an astrologer. This man would figure out if the two were compatible for each other. If they were not there would be no further steps taken in this once possible marriage. So both sets of parents would walk away and look for anthor partner for their child. But if the two were compatible the parents would then they would prepare for a marriage. The future weds would not meet or see each other until after they were married. At the marriage the bride would offer tea as sign that she now belonged to them. The bride would often become a servant of her mother-in-law. The bride would also probably never see her birth family again.
Clothing in ancient china was very important in ancient china as it was a status rankig symbol. For example if you wore brown you were a very poor family, if you wore pink you were the emporors wife and if you wore yellow you were the emprror. If you spotted wearing a false colour you were sold as a slave. Both women and men wore tunics. And everyone had long hair because they had nothing to cut it with.

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