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The Lightener Of Love The World Peace Religion

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"The Lightener of Love - The World Peace Religion"

It is known that every human society throughout the world and throughout history, the various religions and their theologies, ethics, and traditions influence everything in their life, shaping socio-economic and political ideas, attitudes and institutions. It is observed that religious teachings and traditions shape how people respond to each other in their daily social inter-course and interaction in the community at large.
The majorities of us preserves and protect our own religious beliefs and traditions as generally they symbolize our essential identities, theologically, historically, culturally, socially, and even politically. Our ...view middle of the document...

The basic intent of an interfaith harmony is to promote understanding between different religions in the effort to increase acceptance of others, rather than to synthesize new beliefs. The commitment to engage in a healthy harmony sets a good example for peaceful co-existence between the various religious communities in the world. While some may argue that sitting down to talk may not immediately or even ultimately lead to concrete solutions for the various difficult and complex religious problems facing the country, it is worth considering the fact that it is a good start towards strengthening the trust among the various religious groups, which can only be a good thing.
It is noticed that current headlines worldwide are often filled with examples of religious intolerance, mostly with a violent twist. The most prevalent observation is the growing trend of Islam phobia during the 2000s which has been attributed by some commentators to the September 11 attack. They feel that many of the Stereotypes and misinformation that contribute to the articulation of Islam phobia are rooted in a particular Perception of Islam, such as the notion that Islam promotes terrorism.
As long as the Holy Scriptures of religions contains countless commandments to kill all of the people outside of your religion in return for eternal paradise, there can never be interfaith harmony.
Collective Peace Prayer, a unique...

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