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The Main Purpose Of Prototyping Essay

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A. The main purpose of prototyping is to give the users a non-abstract system design that they can evaluate early in the process to avoid costly redesigns later.
B. If a prototype is developed using system prototyping, the prototype is a model of the entire system and, if it meets user requirements, can be fleshed out into a full information system. Rapid Application Development (RAD) uses iterative system prototyping to create the final application.
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This is frequently used to do mock-ups of user input screens, for example, before the back-end code is developed.
C. CASE tools speed development by automatically creating diagrams and sometimes even code from analyst input. Combining CASE tools with 4GLs and application, report, and screen generators gives systems analysts the ability to create information systems quickly and accurately with effective documentation.
D. Advantages:
• Users get to see, and possibly interact with, a system rather than imagining what it will be like.
• Design problems are identified and corrected earlier in the process.
• TCO can be lowered by early design refinements, or even scrapping a project when it becomes apparent that it won’t succeed.
• The prototype is not a fully-functioning system, so there may be key details that are not identified until the system is complete.
• If the prototype is too elaborate, the work put into it can actually delay the project as a whole.
• Prototypes are generally used to test short-term needs. Long-term functionality issues may be overlooked.
Shelly, G. B., & Rosenblatt, H. J. (2011). Systems analysis and design. Boston, MA: Course Technology, Cengage Learning (p.314-316)

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