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The Man Without A Memory Paper

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A Man Without a Memory
There is a relationship between learning something and remember it. Clive Wearing do not have this relationship because he suffered a serious infection called encephalitis causing him severe brain damage in several regions of his brain and totally destroyed the hippocampus, which important role is memory formation. In the video “A Man Without a Memory-Clive Wearing”, it talks about how his life and family was affected by him not remembering. This paper will let readers know what specific region of Clive’s brain was damaged which resulted in this memory loss and will also explain how his loss of memory for most things despite his lasting memory for the piano and his ...view middle of the document...

In psychology memory is short term storing, or recognition. Recall memory involves a memory of fact, processing of storage details retained, retrieved, and encoded information that is important to the learning process. Short term learning considers thinking consciously about certain details. Short memory holds data that is repeated only if it holds a meaning; if it does not have a cause it is forgotten. Long term-memory, permanent storage of a great amount of information, over time for the purpose of retaining is learning. Long term memory involves repetition and rehearsal for learning. When remembering, you must first store it into our long-term memory. The best way to remember something is to actually learn it and understand what the concept is. Associating something with the concept, such as a picture, another memory, or an image can also help to store things into long term memory. Actually learning the concept is the best way to be able to remember it later on (Terry, 2009).
Damage to Clive’s Brain Resulting to This Memory Loss
On March 29, 1985, Clive, contracted herpes encephalitis. The virus attacked his brain, damaged the hippocampus, and demolished his long term memory formation. Affected areas include temporal lobes, occipito-parietal and frontal lobes, thalamus, hypothalamus, amygdala. The brain swells up, and the brain crushes against bone. He sustained marginal damage to the temporal and frontal lobes. Clive Wearing suffered both retrograde and anterograde amnesia. Retrograde amnesia is loss of memories prior to the damage to the brain, and anterograde amnesia is the loss of ability to store new memories after the damage to the brain (Freyd, 1994). Anterograde amnesia occurs when damage is done to the hippocampus or to the regions that supply the inputs and receive outputs. Damage to other subcortical regions that connect with the hippocampus can cause memory impairments. There were also damaged to the surrounding areas of his temporal lobes and portions of his left frontal lobe (Freyd, 1994).
Explanation of Clive’s Memory Loss for Most Things
Clive had a great deal of damage to the brain; however, he regained his procedural memory, which involves different areas of the brain such as the basal ganglia and the cerebellum. Procedural memory begins when we learn to walk, talk, eat, play, riding a bike, and tying your shoes. These things become so ingrained that they are almost automatic (Freyd, 1994). Clive developed a case of total amnesia, the part of the brain required to transfer memories working to long term damaged, he is unable to encode new memories. Clive restarts his consciousness over and over through short term memory elapses. He knows he has children but cannot remember their names. Clive recalls how to play the piano and conduct a choir. His cerebellum, procedural memory, was not damaged by the virus. When the music stops he forgets and starts shaking spasmodically. He can't control his emotions because of frontal...

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