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The Merger Between United And Continental Airline

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As I was thinking about the two companies that I wanted to do for my course project on, I began to research companies on the internet and I ran across the merger between United and Continental airlines. The reason that I choose to do the merger is because I knew that they were going to go through many changes within this merger. Both airline companies have a lot to offer to each other with this merger that they can compete with Delta airlines one of the largest airline in the world. This merger will bring about several changes within both companies. In this paper I will be providing the different changes between both companies with the merger including the culture, systems ...view middle of the document...

(Mouawad & Dela Merced, 2010)
Culture Changes 2
The first major change will be the different culture from each airline company. United airlines are known for having complication between management and the workers due to fact that they were treated unfairly by them. United airlines are known for having complication between management and the workers due to fact that they were treated unfairly by them. Unfortunately most of the time, they’re dissatisfied by to many policies that have not been explained to them in a way that makes sense to them. What makes the problem worsen the policies often collide with one another. Workers have stated that management has treated them badly and many have lost their jobs because of faulty management. The corporate culture that United management displayed to its employees seems to be rude and abrasive. Going over what the employees have written about management at United airlines purely states that they were miss treated. Respect is about treating them fairly and not being disrespectful to them. ("Feedback from united," 2012)
The corporate culture that Continental display their employee is a well and friendly environment. Continental produces the type of culture that their employee loves to come to work. There unity perspective is to make sure that the commination is spread consistence across the board with all of their employees. They provide a committing environment where their employees are given a change to be successful. ("Continental airline case," 2007)
The next major change that has happen is the system/software conversion from United to Continental system. United Airlines actually operated off of two separate reservation systems due to the merger. They will be converting the two systems into Continental airline system. This will move all of its current records of all of their customers to a new reservations system. This will enable the new United to serve all customers on the combine network from a single web reservation program which will be
System/Software Changes 2
Due to this change it will cause the reservation agents from united airlines to take on a huge amount of training in order to master continental airline system. The reservation agents at United are a having a difficult time with Continentals system although they have gone through an excessive amount of training for the system they are still having a hard time mastering it. Although the systems of United airlines have been converted into Continental there were an big issue as to were United was not able to print out boarding passes for their customer. They were very quick in thinking they printed out the boarding passes manual in order to service their customer. They also contracted their customer who had mileage plus to inform them of the issue at hand.("United airlines issues," 2012)
Union Changes 2

The last change is the differences in the unions. Both airlines have different unions for their...

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