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The Message Ind The Bottle Essay

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To the person who finds this bottle: I'm so glad that you have found my message.
My name is Samantha I'm 12 years old and I'm so sad. I live in the U.S.A with my Father, but he is always gone,
he is a marine you see.
Because he is in the navy he travels a lot and I can't go with him.
My mother passed away when I was about 6 so I live with my grands wile he's gone. But the 24th August 2007. my grandmother and I received a message from the navy.

They said that my Father was been captured by some pirates ...view middle of the document...

But every time they try to convince me that I have to move on, I begins to yell at them, and say that they are terrible parents. I know its wrong but I can't help it. I just fell that they have already giving up on him, but deep in my heart I know that it's true, I know that they love him, with all they heart.

They just trying to find a way to move on, and that way is by raising my. I try to be a good girl and help them as mush as I can but I just miss my dad so mush.
The wost part is NOT my grandparents is in my school. All always asking: “are you alright? Are you okay? You know you can always talk to my”. And so go it day out and day in. and I well I just put on a smile and ay “yes I'm fine thanks for asking” I don't think many knows how it is to be all alone in the world even though I know everybody is there if I just ask them but I can't.

Is now a year since he gone missing. And there have not been a day were I didn't miss him. He is always in my heart. And I will always be in his no matter what happens.
So how ever there finds this letter will you please help my finding him.
He is about 6'5 feet tall and have black hair and green eyes and his name is George

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