The Music Effect Essay

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The Music Effect

Can music really effect mood, behavior, and the way we think? The answer is yes, with a big fat Y! There are certain types or genres of music that affect not just your physicality but your mind as well. There is evidence that it greatly impacts the way we perceive. A mere snippet of a song can trigger memories as vivid as anything. A tune can induce emotions ranging from overwhelming joy to deep sorrow and can drive listeners into a state of frenzy. Music can also kick a long haunting addiction, boost your immune system, even repair brain damage. In this paper we’ll explore how the effects of music on a person can be just as dangerous or therapeutic as some of ...view middle of the document...

Another area it engages is the hippocampus, which would be a hilarious name for a school for aquatic mammals but in reality is the less impressive region of the brain which handles long-term memory storage.” So hopefully nothing bad happened to you while listening to a popular song! You may just be stuck with that memory for ever. Thankfully, there are a lot of songs for me that bring back good memories. For instance, I believe I can fly, by R. Kelly was my High School graduation song. It reminds me of the days where the only thing that mattered were the people standing next to me, my friends. Ok, next lets talk about the effects of music on your immune system.
You may be wondering how this is possible? How can something as simple as music, help boost your immune system? Well to start, music significantly reduces stress by reducing cortisol levels, which is a chemical in your brain which cause you to feel stress in the first place. In addition to simply lowering stress levels, music also raises immune markers in your system, creating more antibodies to fight disease. But not all genres can help relieve stress or help boost your immune system. If you get an adrenaline rush or you think your ears are about to burst every time you listen to music, it is not an optimal medicine. So, how is it music can repair brain damage?
“Slapping neuroscience right across the face, music is able to take stroke, lesion or other brain-damaged patients who have lost the partial ability to see or speak and return it to them.” So how is this possible? From what I have gathered it is stemmed...

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