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The Organ Debate Essay

658 words - 3 pages

Taylor Nichols
English 1010
Mr. Fitzner
Summary-Response #1
February 7, 2016
Section A: Essay
The Organ Debate
MacKay made many points to support her argument on legalizing organ sales. Her first point was that the people who are currently donating organs, need money. She stated, “In third world countries, there are people willing to do anything for money. In such extreme poverty these people barely have enough to eat, living in shacks and sleeping on dirt floors” (MacKay 121). She continues to coincide with the donors, stating that they would basically be rewarded for donating an organ to someone in need. “We pay men for donating sperm, and we pay women for donating ova, yet we expect others to give away an entire organ for no compensation” (MacKay 121). As she said, we should treat organ sales like all other sales. If the transactions for organ sales were easier and beneficial to both parties, more people would be willing and to giving their organ away. ...view middle of the document...

They buyer and seller both need to know the procedures of the operation that will take place. Having more knowledge about their bodies will potentially help them make better decisions about their health.
The last point that MacKay makes is that it would be better and fairer to buyers. She says, “Without laws regulating live kidney transplants, these people are subject to possibly hazardous procedures. Instead of turning our backs, we have the power to ensure that these operations are done safely and efficiently for both the recipient and the donor” (MacKay 123). There are no documents in an illegal transaction, so if something were to go wrong nothing could be done. If the government took organ sales into their hands and regulated it, it would be easier and less of a stress for both, the buyer and the seller. The organ buyers and sellers would both have a better standing legally, because they would have documents and contracts in place for the transplant. This would make it easier for both parties if something were possibly to go wrong during an organ transaction.
In conclusion, there are many reasons why organ sales should be legalized. MacKay makes some interesting points, and now it is time for people to think about this topic upon themselves. This debate will most likely continue in the future. Think about it. Why not legalize organ sales?

Section B: Mechanical
1. MacKay, Johanna. "Organ Sales Will Save Lives." Norton Field Guide to Writing with Readings. 3rd ed. New York: W.W. Norton & Company, Inc. 2013. 119-124. Print.
2. She stated, “In third world countries, there are people willing to do anything for money. In such extreme poverty these people barely have enough to eat, living in shacks and sleeping on dirt floors” (MacKay 121).
3. Johanna MacKay claims:
In a legal kidney transplant, everybody gains except the donor. The doctors and nurses are paid for the operation, the patient receives a new kidney, but the donor receives nothing. Sure, the donor will have the warm, uplifting feeling associated with helping a fellow human being, but this is not enough reward for most people to part with a piece of themselves. (121)
4. Regulating organ sales will provide both the seller and recipient safety. (MacKay 123)

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