The Part Time Job With A Full Time Challenge Giving Voice To Value (Gvv)

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The Part-Time Job with a Full-Time Challenge
SM 131 G3
RESOLVED: George will confront John about his illegal behavior.

1. What’s at stake for the key parties, including those that may disagree with you? What is important to them? What does the target value and why?

George the part-time worker: John, his friend who is also his night time manager adjusted invoices and inventory reports in order to steal cash conflicts with his honesty, integrity and legality value. John's actions were wrong and could have serious legal repercussions. George is now involved so he can be punish with fines or sentence to prison if John were caught because he was presence and an acquaintance of John. He doesn’t want to be a rat by snitching or be a goodie-two-shoe by telling his friend it is wrong.

John the night time manager: If he is caught, ...view middle of the document...

2. What are the main arguments you are trying to counter? That is, what reasons and rationalizations will you encounter?

The main argument I am trying to counter is if it wasn’t for John, the night manager who had put in a good word for George, he might have not get the job. Therefore, one would say George should not be ungrateful toward a friend who helped him land the job. He had been friends with John for over five years and they had been through a lot together, so George should not confront John and respect his decision as long as John doesn’t force him to steal, like Libertarians.

3. What argumentation levers can you use to influence those who disagree with you?

An argument I can lever to influence those who disagree with me is have them place themselves in the position of employer and ask if they would allow John’s behavior to be categorical imperatives. Would they be willing to universalize stealing from company? Allowing everyone to steal, even a little will lead to a huge negative consequences which is proved from slippery slope fallacy. Carr is all about bluffing and deceiving in business, but even he would not agree with this because it is illegal.

4. What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalizations you need to address? To whom should the argument be made? When and in what context?

My most persuasive response is imagine the business world where employees are allow to steal from employers, what kind of culture would that create? A moral hazard one because people wouldn’t have to be accountable for the negative consequences caused by their action. This argument would be made to John as soon as possible, outside working hours and in a private setting. John is probably too motivated by blindness that all he is seeing is quick cash and not the long term consequences he is causing the company. He might not even know the consequences of fraudulently making returns invoices, so I would tell him of the reality possible outcome if he continues.

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