The Perfect Body Essay

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The Perfect Body
Body image issues are a real problem that a lot people face every day. Many seek to achieve an ideal and unrealistic type of body. Some even go to extreme measures, such as drugs, eating disorders, or even over exercising to reach this ideal body. Of course exercise is undoubtedly important to living a healthy life, but it is more important to know that the perfect body cannot and does not exist. Every person is unique and “healthy” does not necessarily mean stick skinny or big muscles. The idea of a perfect body is the result of over exaggerated media and the all important sports world. Through the influence of sports and media, the desire of an ideal body type has become ...view middle of the document...

“Although performance- enhancing drugs are generally banned by athletic organizations, it is considered laughably easy to cheat and escape detection in drug screens” (Angier). It is a natural human instinct to continually seek self-improvement, but the pseudo role moles people are looking up to are portraying an image of the acceptability of compromising ethics and health for a body that does not exist without the aid of performance enhancing drugs.
The sport’s world has been shown to create an ideal body that is naturally unreal and unhealthy, but of course there are other factors that have undermined people’s physical and mental
health. The media has been society’s example of perfection and acceptance for as long as it has existed. Models such as the celebrities on television and magazines and even children’s toys such as G.I. Joe and Barbie have become what people look to as an example of what they need to aspire to look like. These examples promote to people, especially young impressionable children, that there is a standard they must meet to be successful and accepted. Celebrities are seen as beautiful and successful because of their blonde hair, slim figures, and busty bodies. The truth is, these “celebrities and models are in the business of looking good, and they get a lot of help” (“Celebrity Culture”). Not only do they have around the clock help to keep them in check with their bodies, they are on extreme diets that are harmful to them, and any pictures taken of them are somewhat faked. Images captured of these “perfect people” are retouched and digitally enhanced in some way or another. “Even celebrity snapshots like those in People—the paparazzi shots—are retouched” (“Celebrity Culture”). Proving that even celebrities really do not look the way they are being portrayed by the media. There is nothing wrong with thinking these people are beautiful, the problem is that we are thinking this is the only kind
of beauty and body image that is accepted. This kind of thinking is harmful. People are consumed by these images of “perfection” and do as much as they possibly can to try and morph their own bodies into these unrealistic figures.
Many young girls want to look just like their celebrity role models, or their favorite Barbie Doll. The thoughts of needing to be perfect and having that perfect body can result not only in drug use, but eating and body image disorders. “50% of girls between the ages of 11 and 13 see themselves as overweight” (Eating Disorder Statistics), and that age range has been dropping every year. Girls as young at eight and nine years old have been admitted into eating disorder rehab facilities for disorders they should not even know about yet These thoughts can become so deep that the girls thinking them can develop body dysmorphic disorder. This is a disease in which the thoughts of being perfect and not currently having the perfect body can consume...

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