The Planets Dependance On Oil Essay

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This planets dependence on oil is ridiculous, I often think what ever would we do if we ran out of oil deposits in the world where would we get our energy, or fuel for our vehicles amongst other things that oil is responsible for making. One alternative to using crude oil is the invention of electric cars or hybrids as we see on the road everyday most common is the Toyota Prius. It was best explained that "the plug-in hybrid still faces the same battery issues that ...view middle of the document...

The only problems that we have not yet been able to solve with these vehicles is how far they can go on a single charge, so far we can’t go to far on a single charge. Another good form of energy is the renewable resources brought to us through the use of corn and other products that make up biofuels. You see all the time driving down the road and you see usually on a school bus or big semi the sticker that says this vehicle runs on bio-fuel. Bio-fuel is used in airplanes and some modern vehicles as well. Even though this is a great idea for a sustainable use for fuel it just so happens to cause a negative impact on nature causing this to be potentially more harmful than the use of fossil fuels a.k.a., oil. However the knife in the back of change could be pointed at anyone in particular but its all really about the almighty dollar and with out our deep dependence on foreign oil, there seems to be no new hope for a sustainable source of alternative fuel not as long as there is money to be made off of oil. Most alternative forms of fuel may cost more at the beginning but can save more in the long run than something running on fossil fuels.


R. J. Kopp, Replacing Oil: Alternative Fuels and Technology (2006).

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