The Positive Impact Of Social Network In Today's Society

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Over the past few years, there has been an enormous boom in communication methods. One of most beneficial has been social networking which has exploded in popularity among teenagers, professionals and people living away from home. However, some people have misused social networking. Infant predators, identity thefts and others similar individuals have raised a big concern among society about social networking.

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Since the beginning social networking sites have attracted several types of users, and in most cases, these people have incorporated these websites into their daily practices. While some sites support existing relationships, others help ...view middle of the document...

People use social networking to their own advantage, some of them for good or for fun, but unfortunately others use it just to create trouble and harm to the world.
Many of the articles I researched imply that social networking helps to keep relationships feed, despite of distances or circumstances. Also, I came across with a variety of cases where parents claim that their children have improved their writing and reading skills since they started interacting more with computers. Furthermore, social networking could be used as a method of keep educating and updating you in any topic. Not only universities and educational institutes are offering “online classes” but also you could find “virtual” rooms of discussion and know people’s opinion around the world, which I find it very useful in different fields such as educational and professional. On the other hand, some people state that social networking is harmful because cases of identity theft, sexual predators after children, and cyber bulling have been the result of social networking. Moreover, since social networking is such as wide “world”, people tend to change their beliefs, political opinions or even their life style with the purpose of “fitting” into a certain group. In some cases, users may experience emotional disorders such as depression because they (especially young individuals) feel rejected by certain people or group.
Subsequent to doing study on social networking, I concluded that people who determine social networking as harmful is because they might have based their opinions on assumptions and have not have the chance of utilizing it to their benefit.

Data Sources:

In order to obtain direct research about the impact of social networking in today’s society, I conducted a survey on a group of people, whose results were very similar.
After asking neutral questions to this group of people, it has been stated that people spend approximately 2 to 6 hours daily surfing the Internet. The most common social network site they use is “Facebook” followed by “Twitter”. Their main purpose of their usage of these websites is to communicate with friends and family as well as business. Just one of the participants uses these websites as an educational tool. The information they share and what they are interested in is very similar. For instance, gossiping and finding out what people in their network is up to is one of the main reasons why they joined these websites. The good outcome of this is that they only share that type of information with people they actually know. It’s not public to any one that desires to find out about them. In addition, the group of age that is the most influenced by these social networking sites is teenagers, followed by young people between the ages of 20-30 years old.
In conclusion, I have found that most people use it for their own benefit and a way of communication. The majority of the people have the feeling that social networking is beneficial to...

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