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The plot of the story “The Ransom of Red Chief” by O.Henry
I have to honestly admit that with all due respect to gifted writers who write voluminous novels, undoubtedly deserving respect for their well-weighed plot and images of heroes, perceptible and heart-piercing description etc., still with big respect I treat authors (surely talented) of short lambent stories. Furthermore, there is a need to “squeeze” almost everything in some pages, whereas novelists would require at least hundred pages. Thus, in my view one of ...view middle of the document...

Interesting and edifying story teaches us that there is no such thing as a free lunch, also that opportunities make thieves. Needing money, swindlers kidnap the boy, hoping to receive repayment in two thousand dollars (rather great sum for 1910s) from his wealthy father. Everything could have been easy, if the boy was “homebody”, however he was mischievous. The brigands made a serious mistake: they should have carefully chosen the captive. I think the plot of this story is to think properly before doing something and that everyone gets what he deserves. For instance, two hooligans suffered from their own conspiracy, instead of Dorset’s. In addition, at the beginning of the story author writes about striking of kidnapping idea “during a moment of temporary mental apparition” of Sam and Bill. Surely, it was the main reason of their actions. Eventually, at the end they were really sorry for everything, thus they repented. The interesting fact about O.Henry impressing me is that among his characters there are almost no villains, what is quite common for him. To sum up, O. Henry's short stories are like sugar candies, they are different: ironic and touching, sad and with humour, and last but not least they are filled with sympathy for people.

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