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The Religion Of Daoism Essay

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In this section of the paper the interactions of Daoism, and how they influence both the modern world and the assigned religion.
Cosmology (yin/yang) is the first interaction is discussed on how it influences the world and the religion Daoism. Yin and yang is a continual transformation. Cosmology is the underlying foundations and system of Cosmo, which is the center on correlative cosmology and systematic correspondences that has a worldwide view predicate on yin-yang interaction and its five phases. The five phases is a classification system for everything. The phases are wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Water, is the softest, and the most yielding element. Fire is described as the ...view middle of the document...

Theology of Daoism is based on the emanation, immanence, and cosmological process. The manifest universe, the cosmic epoch is an undifferentiating of potentiality. Daoism during a pre-manifest state is an incomprehensible and un-representable. In an impersonal, un-intentional, spontaneous state is a very strong unfolding process that the un-differentiation becomes unity. In Daoism being-before-being is not the ultimate state. The representation of differentiation is the first division or occasion. With this unity, separation occurs. The following phase of differentiation is that an individual isolate into yin and yang. Yin is related to the qi of the earth and the terrestrial qi. Yang is associated with the qi of the heavens or the qi of celestial. Qi is life’s circulating energy or the force behind all forms of life. Yin and yang has yet to form methods of interaction. The synergy of yin and yang is specified as “three” that yin and yang is involved in a moment of dynamic and continual interaction that results in extra differentiation. The extra differentiation persuades to emergence of materiality as well individualized beings and forces, which includes human beings. The universe manifest is understood as an emanation of the Dao, which the Dao is viewed as immanent in the universe. Daoist theism may be understood on how the veneration of gods is a way in which Dao becomes manifest in the...

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