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The Responsibility Project Essay

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The Responsibility Project

The Responsibility Project
ETH 316

The Responsibility Project
A short film was chosen to view on the Responsibility Project website. The film chosen was named Greyston Bakery. The ethical principles in the film is used to address organizational issues. The two biggest issues located in the film is given. The importance of the issues located in the film is explained. The role of external social pressures occurred on Greyston Bakery show how social pressures effects the organizational ethics. Three reasons why the issues are relevant to the organization and personal decisions is given as well. The relationship ...view middle of the document...

This allows employment rates to lower and those whom have a trouble past to get back on their feet and support their family. Community programs are important because it supports the community in which it resides. Having healthcare available provides a healthier community in which allows not only the bakery to prosper but other businesses as well because people will be able to be in the workforce longer. Having childcare provided allows the moms and dads support while trying to meet the family needs. Housing gives those in need of low cost shelter a place to live and gain quality of life. Overall, Greyston Bakery is making the world a better place as being a role model for other business to help communities be successful.
The issues provided are relevant in which how the organizational and personal decisions are made. Organizational and personal decisions are made to make a change in the existing conditions as the bakery. First, the organizational decisions may use the time of the organization and individual resources to make a decision to go in whatever directions offers the best outcome. The use of the time reflects directly on the profits margins to be able to support programs. Thus, the company will have to make sure time used will not reflect support of the community programs. Second, the issues are effected when decision are made because there is always a risk. The risk can can be either a positive or negative effect on open hiring process and support of community programs. The risks are not intentional in away but could take away the business serving the community and turn it the opposite direction. Third, the issues reflect on making limited change because it could change the mission of using business for good not evil. Limiting the amount of change can change the bakery from not making any significant success on a business level, but only support open hiring and community programs. In return the relationship with the community will always be supportive but could cause the business the lack of ability to grow and prosper.
External social pressures have an influence on organizational ethics. The external social pressures is the community and the government. The pressures of the community come from the behavior of the employees of the company. Because of the wide range of programs supported through Greyston Bakery there is a sense of an individual behavior should be. The behavior of employee reflects the ability to gain support of other programs in...

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