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The Road To Perdition Essay

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1. Analyse how one or more scenes showed the complexity of a character or individual in a visual or oral text.

The Film ‘The Road To Perdition’, directed by Sam Mendes. Is a story where a father and his son travel across the wide and vast country named America. They are on the run from an unrelenting assassin. The film is set way back in the 1930’s America when the country was in the grip of immense gloominess. Embargo was still the law of the land and gangsters like Al Capone were at the height of their power. The audience is forced to plunge into this Underworld of crime as we follow the Sullivan’s on their journey to Perdition.

During one of the scenes, Mike senior Hug’s Mike Jnr ...view middle of the document...

Sullivan is not an entirely “horrific man”. Sam Mendes himself has described Sullivan as “someone who carries with him a sense of guilt and regret for the life he has led, but this regret is never stated; it is just felt and seen”. Sullivan tries to protect his family from his work and to prevent his son Michael from following the same path. The complexity of Sullivan’s character is expressed through lighting techniques. Mendes` frequently uses key lighting for Sullivan, showing his face half lit and half in shadow. A good example of this is at the wake for Danny McGovern, when Sullivan is lit in this way. The lighting is also appropriate to this situation where Sullivan’s work life and family life have collided. Lighting is also used to help us understand the change in Sullivan. At the farmhouse when he talks to Michael, he is lit more fully and warmly, and the warmth in the room is also coming from the fire which helps both mikes friendship as father and son become closer. This warmer lighter is used to show that Sullivan has grown closer to his son. Through the clever use of lighting Mendes enables us to understand Michael Sullivan Snr,...

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