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The Role Of Brand And Brand Equity Marketing

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In the current world of business, every company is concerned with instituting measures to brand itself within the market and gain an appreciable competitive advantage over other players in the market. Most of the companies concentrate on what makes a brand strong and how to build a strong brand. In this regard, these questions can only be answered by applying Customer-Based Brand Equity (CBBE) model. This model facilitates in understanding the brand equity and ways inn which it is supposed to be built, evaluated, and managed. Besides, the approach of this model is from a customers’ perspective, individual or organization, because they are the nerve of successful marketing. ...view middle of the document...

Besides, the brand elements such as logos land other symbols should sufficiently aid the consumers in identifying the product. Having built a salient brand, the second step would involve building a brand performance. The products themselves are the core points of brand equity and thus influence to a large extent, what consumers experience with the product. Therefore the product is supposed to satisfy the consumers’ wants and needs without considering whether it’s a service or a tangible good. Thus, brand performance can be explained the ways in which the functional needs of consumers are met. Thirdly, brand equity involves realizing brand imagery and this is largely influenced by the extrinsic properties of the services and/or product as well the ways in which the brand meets the social and psychological needs of the customers. Therefore, the aspects of brand imagery are intangible fro instance personality and values, user profiles, heritage and experiences. The most common type of brand imagery associations is an organization or type of person using a particular product....

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