The Role Of Leaders In Creating A Learning Organization

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The Role of Leaders in Creating a Learning Organization
The concept of learning organization is undeniably an emerging one necessitated by the ever changing environment in which organizations operate. This dynamism requires an organization with structural designs which are flexible enough to allow for an organization to draw lessons from experiences especially its own and actually apply these lessons. This particular paper describes the role of leadership in creating a learning organization.

Role of Leadership in Organizational Learning
Therefore, it is imperative that the organization’s culture and ultimately, its leadership style are accommodative enough to encourage ...view middle of the document...

The policies also include organizational culture change, human resource management and development policies and those governing finances. This is because some processes of organizational learning such as implementation of information technology systems will have financial implications. An organization can only be considered as learning one, if it adopts the use of information technology to create, share and disseminate information.
Organizational learning is a transformative change in the corporate sector that marks a paradigm shift in human resource management and organizational relations. It aims at treating the employees and the external business environment as strategic partners and not assets definable by what their duties and functions to the organization. It is building a collaborative team. It is an appreciation of the complex interdependencies in the business environment; a task that only leaders can effectively champion for. It is a transformative change requires leaders, both formal and informal, to take a leading role in championing for it. The leaders must therefore lead by example; walking the talk. They must communicate the effectively with a borderless touch. They must not only ensure that employees stay to task but...

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